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Hi Blog! Remember Me?

So yeah it's been a long long while since I bothered writing anything here… but the problem is that I now use Twitter… And it's easier to quickly post micro-updates there. Anyway… down to brass tacks.


Penjin is still progressing nicely, the SDL version is very usable and MarkoeZ and foxblock are putting it to some good use in their projects: PanDjoust and Wandor, respectively. Both are shaping up to be very promising games which use and demonstrate the tools that Penjin provides. The OGL back-end is recently getting some love, there have been a number of bugs fixed, including rotations. Work has been done to get the GL code to be ES1.x compliant and this is still ongoing.


Foxblock has given us yet another mini-game recently, a follow the ball in the cup affair with the Pandora logo! I've been working with Pickle to try and iron out one remaining critical bug… he's got the hardware, I know my code… so it's kind of like email chess of bug fixing… The current problem is to do with angles and rotations1) And some games are rotating objects correctly and other aren't. This only occurs on the Pandora build…Very puzzling.

Secret Project

My “secret project” which I may have written about previously… I don't actually remember; Is in full swing. It is currently called Biotix and it will use OpenGL ES for rendering. It goes without saying that it will use Penjin too. Biotix is being written from scratch and is, in essence, a sequel to CromoZome. Code is in early stages, but I'm hoping to provide a game where the creatures actually evolve and interact. That's all I want to say currently, I'm hoping I can get a very early demo together soon.

for a change…
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