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PandoraPanic! Status Update

Well I've managed to squeeze PandoraPanic! into my schedule quite a lot in the last couple of days. I've been spotting bugs and fixing them quite rapidly. Here's some things I've managed to get done.

Bugs Fixed

  • Particles actually fade in alpha/colour… it's still not fading exactly with the Particle lifetime, but it's better than no fading!
  • Managed to figure out why Kagato's transparent star image was not displaying properly - The Emitter class was auto-setting the sprite to use HW accelerated blits… they are not compatible with alphablends.

Stuff Added

  • It's now possible to manipulate the settings for transparent colour. You can set a specific colour, or a pixel on the surface to use as the transparent colour or disable the transparent colour.
  • It's possible to set Sprites to use hardware acceleration or not in the Emitter and Menu classes.
  • Mouse/TouchScreen added to StateTitle… will be used in sensible places elsewhere in the game too!

Stuff Changed

  • Fixed point is now an option and the Particle engine can run in Fixed or Float form, depending on if PENJIN_FIXED is defined.

Stuff Changing

  • More compile targets are going to be added to Penjin. This is not going to happen till after PandoraPanic! has a first release.
  • More compile targets means more render methods. In addition to the GL and SDL renderers, GX(Wii/GameCube) GLES2.0 and Trenki's SoftGPU will be added.

In Closing...

I must say thanks to all PandoraPanic! contributors. The warm reception and positive criticism to my engine has been a great boost for me. This is exactly what I need to keep improving it and I hope that you will consider using Penjin for future homebrew projects.

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