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PenjinTwo Updates

Hi guys so it's been a long while and it seems I am sucking at keeping this blog of mine going. But in any case here is a new entry for you. I have finished a lot of work that means PenjinTwo is now compiled as separate modules and you can more easily pick and choose.

SimpleIni Waves Goodbye

I have also finished the major work to replace SimpleIni with a self- written INI file loader. I have a little bit of work to finish this but it works in the basic sense. Some of the things I need to continue with are avoiding unnecessary saving and also my idea for having a KEY_ID = VALUE system. That is for every KEY you can have an ID number to simplify things like level loading.

Multi Renderer Support

Took a lot of thinking to sort it all out but I've managed to figure out how to select the Renderer at runtime… although it's not quite working. This will eventually let you change a config file and pick GL/SDL rendering as you wish. Currently if you compile for GL and configure to use SDL it doesn't create the window properly… Hopefully some inspiration or suggestion from someone will help me progress this. Also the GL renderer has some weird bugs that I haven't any ideas about, at present.


You may have noticed that Project Infinity has some advertisement banners and google custom search implemented. Well this was always the intended plan, but only recently have I found a way to implement it in a convenient way. This is just me trying to recover some of the costs involved in keeping this site open! If of course the advertisements bug you that much, please feel free to install Ad-block or similar!


The Pirate Games MineCraft server is doing reasonably well these days we are averaging 5 or 6 users per day. Please feel free to join us online:

Server IP

Quad Cobble Generator Tutorial

SkyBlock - 01

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