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Smooth Criminal

Big News!

Well hello there! I've been a busy bee as usual and my biggest news is I'm now a DAD! I have a healthy little boy. Well done Mrs PokeParadox! :D


So down to business, I have been rewriting Penjin from the ground up and made a fair bit of progress. I've made the code available on github. It uses the same simple approach but has the following new features:

  • Localisation support.
  • Data driven approach to frame-rate, resolution, colour depth and fullscreen/windowed settings.
  • New GUI options.
  • Can now compile as shared library.

The rewrite is also introducing cleaner, easier to maintain code and a better class hierarchy, removing copy-pasta code.


PirateBaby is a virtual pet style toy and is progressing nicely and is by myself(code) and Dragons_Slayer(graphics), although many images are still place-holders. It is our entry for the RiOTdigital Tag-team Coding Competition.

I'm not sure if we'll be able to meet the deadline, but here is a newer screenshot.

Smoothing Filter

Finally in the last couple of days, I started working on a scaling/smoothing filter, intended scaling sprites. Today I got some nice images out of my attempts, but there are still some bugs as you will see below.

I currently doubt it could be used as a real-time filter, but the intended use is for pre-scaling sprites on image load.

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