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The Blog that Time Forgot!

Well it would appear that I forgot to give you guys anything interesting to read again… Life has a tendency to have things happen and those things, coupled with actually using time to develop and such meant that I never got around to doing a blog post… yeah I know, excuses excuses.

PandoraPanic! Reflection

I think overall the project went well. Were there any things that I would do differently? Sure… if there wasn't then it wouldn't be much of a learning process. The important thing is that the result was the intended result. We managed to bring a nice, fun launch title for the Pandora made for and by the GP32X community.

Pirate Games

I've been looking into spiffing up the Pirate Games site 1) and basically I found a rocking CMS, Concrete5. This is a good immediate solution since we've had issue after issue getting a homepage that works.


Penjin has seen some good progress since switching to being open-source, most of which during the development of PandoraPanic! and it is a completely usable project and already quite versatile. I had some chats with foxblock and we agreed that maybe it could some restructuring and tidying up… it has begun. I planned out a nice class diagram and have much of the structure reworked for the better. Also this is another chance it properly introduce Deoxygen comments so we can auto-generate the help manual… I now understand how it works a lot better so maybe, just maybe you guys will have some documentation as well as the live support I provide to anyone that asks!

Other Projects

Pirate Games has a few ongoing projects; MarkoeZ is still continuing his work on Panjoust, I'm still working on Biotix and have progressed things a little further… I have slowed down since I have some problems I need to figure out before continuing to plug away at the keyboard… Another project started is NovaKitsune which is basically on rails space shooter akin to classic StarFox, work has been done preparing code that is GL and GLES compatible and a basic model viewer and camera is done. Apart from that bugfixes, more bugfixes and real-life… so hopefully… now I can keep updating this thing better this next year…

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