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Thunderbirds are Gooooo!

Well I thought it might be about time to make a little update here. I've been busy… really busy! A little tired/demotivated at times, but on the whole busy!

So Whatcha Been Doing?


SimpleJoy is generally finished now. It's perfectly usable. I spent a lot of time getting most of the common input types1) and the respective methods they supply inputs2) supported and mappable in the configuration scripts. That's a lot that's been done, but there's still a lot intended that can be done.

  • Multiple player support - Currently SimpleJoy only has the foundation for supporting multiple players/devices of the same type. You can set the device ID but it is just ignored right now.
  • Other input types - I want to add Wiimote support amongst other things, but I tend to focus on what is more relevant to the current project I'm using Penjin for. There are also devices I haven't supported that are supported by SDL_input, such as, track-balls.
  • Key Repeats - I keep saying I'm going to add this but keep forgetting… but basically it should be configurable and I really should stop procrastinating on this one.


Things are coming a long nicely and there is many thanks to the Pandora release is having problems and being delays. Of course I want my Pandora NOW! but on the positive side of things, we are catching more bugs, adding more features and more mini-games. Some of the recent developments are:

  • New games from B-Zar - Memory Match and Rotating Turret. B-Zar also asked if I could add the sound effects that Gruso provided for the turret game.
  • Plander - You can actually land the rocket now!3) Also lots of collision fixes for both the rocket and the particles. It will soon be a playable minigame… I just hope I can get it finished for final release!
  • Pausing restructured - Pausing the game now idles the CPU a lot more, and is done by overloadable functions which are built into the base engine, instead of having to check if the game is paused everywhere. This change was thanks to suggestions from B-Zar. There is still some room for improvements, however.
  • MiniGame Previews - I'm quite proud of this and it appears to work well. It's a little hacky and needs the mini-game state to check whether it is a sub state or not. But it works. Basically the select screen can generate a preview of the mini-game and it doesn't need any screenshots in a folder. It simply sets up the state and renders the first frame and then resizes it down to 60% of the size and finally displays it. It does add a short delay since it has to process the state's init function and render the frame, but it's nothing intolerable.
  • Usual bugfixes - memleaks found, logic errors, redundant code, etc.

Recently the new test builds were uploaded and you can grab them here.


I recently updated to the 9.04 release of Ubuntu and in turn the new release of VirtualBox. I must say, I'm really loving it. I am trying to get ReactOS working satisfactory, but it's still early days. I would just like a windows compatible OS to run in VirtualBox that I can test Windows builds of my projects in. In anycase I've gone for “a compact as possible” XP install. I installed the Guest Addition and the 3D Acceleration drivers and managed to compile an OpenGL test project, excellent. Very soon I'll be able to lessen the grip that Windows has over me, which is a great feeling. I just hope that the ReactOS team can bring their project to a more mature state, so that I can completely remove XP and just use WINE/ReactOS for anything Windowsy.

keyboard, mouse and joystick
axes,digital axes, buttons and hats
This is why this post is called Thunderbirds are Gooooo!
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