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You win some, You Lose some

RIOTdigital Tag-Team Coding Competition

Well it turns out I didn't win anything in the compo, but it was fun taking part, and there were some great titles produced. Congratulations to everyone that took part and to Uni for organising such a well run compo! PirateBaby was not finished for the compo but people did vote for it in this unfinished state, Thanks guys!


I have previously been throwing some code together for an algorithm I've had in my head for quite a while. I showed some promise in my previous blog post. After the pressure of the compo subsided, I worked a little more on my scaling algorithm… rewriting it again! And this time I have results that are good enough to be included in PenjinTwo. It is an optional filter and is used in conjunction with the PenjinPrescale feature, whereby Sprites are rescaled at loadtime. I currently have a screenshot from the current build of PirateBaby.

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