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Penjin/ペンジン Programming Guide

Getting Started

Class Listing

Compilation Modifiers

These are #defines which will change the code use for the compile. Some can be combined. Some are proposed or in progress.

PENJIN_3DCompile for display in 3D
PENJIN_ESCompile using GLES1.1 renderer
PENJIN_ES2Compile using GLES2 renderer
PENJIN_GLCompile using OpenGL renderer
PENJIN_SOFTCompile using Trenki's software renderer 1)
PENJIN_SDLCompile using SDL renderer.
PENJIN_SDL_INPUTuse SDL's input handling. 2)
PENJIN_SCALE2XUse with PENJIN_SDL to double resolution. e.g. easily port GP2X games to Pandora.
PENJIN_ASCII2D rendering using console window only. 3)
PENJIN_CACARendering using the CACA lib 4)
PENJIN_FIXEDUse fixed point instead of floats. 5)
PLATFORM_PCFor compiling code on the PC…
PLATFORM_GP2XFor compiling for the GP2X Handheld from GPH.
PLATFORM_DINGOOFor compiling for the Dingoo A320 Handheld.
PLATFORM_PANDORAFor compiling for the Pandora from OpenPandora.
PLATFORM_WIIFor compiling for the Nintendo Wii6).
_DEBUGEnable debugging code and information.
USE_ACHIEVEMENTSEnable the achievement system
PENJIN_CACHE_ROTATIONSEnables rotation caching code for SDL.
certain platforms may combine with SDL use.
on certain platforms it may be preferable or necesary to use direct HW
3) , 4)
Will take a lot of grunt work away, but you will still have to tweak the code.
Homebrew enabled.
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