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Penjin Tutorial Videos

Episode 01 - Setting Up an Ubuntu Virtual Machine

I will show you how to setup VirtualBox with an Ubuntu install and then install the GuestAdditions.

Download Tutorial 01 via Bittorrent

Episode 02 - Setting Up Libs, Code::Blocks and Simple SDL Test Compile

In this episode, we revisit the Synaptic Package Manager and install SDL development libraries and Code::Blocks and then compile a simple SDL project to test that the compiler is working correctly.

Download Tutorial 02 via Bittorrent

Episode 03 - My First Penjin Project

This time we will setup RabbitVCS, then checkout the Penjin sourcecode. From there set some values that Penjin projects use and then piece together the code for a simple Penjin project!

Download Tutorial 03 via Bittorrent

Episode 04 - The Bouncing Ball

In this installment, I show you how to do something a little more useful now you have a Penjin project up and running.

This is the first part of making a very basic Pong-style game. It covers making the sprite and loading it up to getting the ball bouncing around the gameplay screen.

Download Tutorial 04 via Bittorrent

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