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W32 version of ASCII Pong

What is it?

Pong… With ASCII characters… that about sums it up really. It is available for the GP2X and for Windows console. An experimental game I made at the very start of my university days.


  • Rendered 100% in state of the art ASCII!
  • 1 or 2 Player mode!

NOTE: The next version of ASCIIPong will require a rewrite of the collision routines, and will not be released until this is done.

ToDo List

If you have a feature suggestion please email me! - pokeparadox AT gmail DOT com


  • Tweak AI some more.
  • Angled rebounds from paddles.


  • Powerups.


  • Tweak AI.
  • Stop flickering (Thanks Critical & HCS).
  • Basic Pong game, rendered in ASCII.
  • AI.


16th Mar 2006 V0.4

  • Auto AI Profile switching.
  • AI doesn't appear to be on “caffeinated crack” anymore.
  • Fixed the fact that in V0.3 I BROKE the w32 code.

12th Mar 2006 V0.3

  • Multi Platform GP2X/W32.
  • Fixed Flickering in W32 Console(Thanks Critical & HCS).

09th Mar 2006 V0.2

  • First public release.

06th Mar 2006 V0.1

  • Pre-release version.


The latest source can be found here.

Version GP2X W32
0.2 X Download
0.4Download Download

External references

Unfortunately it seems this is now a dead link.
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