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Atrox was created by Team Camping Sniper - Callum Hay, Gordon McLean and Kevin Winfield-Pantoja - as our third year group project. The project won the “Best Game” award at the University of Paisley’s Digital Futures showcase in 2007.

The game is a semi-serious, story driven space game that draws heavy inspiration from the sci-fi genre and the sitcom Red Dwarf in particular. The story follows Adi Hetman as he receives the ship Atrox from his missing father and charts his attempts to pay back the debts that come along with it. The demo is introduces this story and shows off the game engine through a simple starter mission.

The engine was almost entirely custom written in C++ with graphics built on top of OpenGL and SDL, audio utilising OpenAL and Ogg Vorbis and video from Video for Windows.

Engine Features

  • Polymorphic game engine and state controller
  • Quadruple-layer sky-sphere design for exterior levels giving an impressive nebula effect
  • Live action video through the HUD and in-game billboards giving control information and in-game direction (with the programmers exhibiting their impressive acting talents)
  • A rebuild-independent level design allowing additional level content to be added without needing to alter code
  • Entirely custom-written physics and 3d flight control
  • Game engine cutscenes to advance the story and enhance the game experience
  • Controller support for joystick, PS2 Dualshock and XBox 360 peripherals as well as standard keyboard


The game continues to undergo updates with areas such as image, audio and level loading recently being updated to become more versatile and efficient. Future pending updates include an improved particle engine as well as expanded gameplay.

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