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CromoZome is a score attack genetic survival game by PokeParadox, where you strive to keep your CromoZome alive, by eating the other CromoZomes.


  • B - Select
  • X - Cancel
  • Dpad move CromoZome

The CromoZomes

  • Blue - Gives you more speed when eating blue, eating a Green loses one health. red slows you down only giving moderate health.
  • Green - You can eat green without losing health, blue speeds you up a little and red gives you moderate health.
  • Red - Get health boost from eating red, blue speeds you up moderately and green loses one health

Other Things

  • Your head is the most importantant, try to avoid letting it get eaten! It also determines which type of CromoZome you are.
  • Eat enough CromoZomes and you'll produce offspring based on your strongest traits.
  • Periodically you'll experience Plague which kills off several of the longest CromoZomes.
  • You will also undergo mutations which will mix up the entire area.
  • The game ends when you die and you can enter your high-score!



Recent Changes

  • Penjin logo obscuring some menu items is fixed.
  • Bias is shifted towards player more when attacking head to head.
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