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PandoraPanic is a mini-game compilation, which is a collaborative project from the GP32X and OpenPandora communities. It is released under the GPLv3 and the source is available.

This game is currently (early 2009) under discussion on the Pandora forums.

Release01 of PandoraPanic! out now. See Downloads below.

We have released release01 of PandoraPanic! But release02 is a high possibility so if you are a programmer/artist etc(even beginning programmers!) and have a contribution, please look at the Development Guide


What you need:

The binaries for your system:

The Data files (if you are not using the Pandora PND or W32 Self-installer which already includes these)

If you are running Windows, you will most likely need some dlls (put them right next to the PandoraPanic exe):

For devs, optional (the source code and Penjin framework):


Release Trailer

User Manual

Development Guide


BadVistaToddPut Vista where it belongs!
BallDropZacaj,billykaterCatch the ball!
DistractedMathsMarkoeZUse your brain!
DoubleNubTroubleMarkoeZShoot the targets!
JumperMarkoeZJump towards the star!
OneButtonBanditMigglesGet 3 in a row!
PanicAttackToddDon't Panic!
PanJoustMarkoeZJump the birds!
PongMigglesBeat the CPU!
PunchWrestlertrabitboyHit the brute!
ReflexoclbdkFollow the instructions!
PlanderPokeParadoxFly the Rocket!
SpaceInvaderspstudioShoot the alien!
Rotating TurretB-ZaRShoot the Missile!
MemoryBlocksB-ZaRMemorize the symbols!
SnatchABeerfoxblockSnatch the other guy's beer!
TheCountJobfoxblockCount which colour is displayed the most!
ArenaDragons_SlayerFight the monsters!
PangrockthesmurfUse your spears to pop the balls!
James Tubbritt
Menu interfaceKagato
Birds and Platforms(PanJoust)Dragons_Slayer
Robot (Jumper)Niqk_Dude


Please post your handle here as well as a link(messageboard profile, etc) to contact you if you can help with the project (artwork, sounds etc). I know several people have left messages on the forums, I'll try and make time to scoop up these posts and link to them here, although help unifying this list is welcomed.

KagatoArtistGP32X Profile
Mr GonzoArtistGP32X Profile
nemArtistGP32X Profile
TheBrainSquidArtistGP32X Profile
adamorjamesArtistGP32X Profile
BakawhiteArtist/MusicianGP32X Profile
A LlamaMusicianGP32X Profile
mcobitMusicianGP32X Profile
pfergusoMusicianGP32X Profile
RoosterMusicianGP32X Profile
svernMusicianGP32X Profile
socketSoundsGP32X Profile
PrometheusSound Effects/ArtistGP32X Profile
GrusoSFX/Music/UserManualGP32X Profile
DroneBProgrammerGP32X Profile



Kai FrankeKai Franke, 2009/05/11 23:07, 2009/05/11 23:07

Hey, I programmed a little Minigame with a segway driving up platforms but I just can't move it to the framework. I started with changing distracted maths but now I tried renaming the files and adding them to the framework described in the “getting started” section but it doesn't want to compile. I get the error:

obj/lin/Release/StateSegway.o||In function `StateSegway::StateSegway()':|
StateSegway.cpp:(.text+0x19b3)||undefined reference to `vtable for StateSegway'|
obj/lin/Release/StateSegway.o||In function `StateSegway::StateSegway()':|
StateSegway.cpp:(.text+0x1bf3)||undefined reference to `vtable for StateSegway'|
||=== Build finished: 2 errors, 0 warnings ===|

can anybody tell me what I have to do? I'm running out of options

Kevin Winfield-PantojaKevin Winfield-Pantoja, 2009/05/12 01:35, 2009/05/12 12:41

I'm not sure what you may have done wrong here. The build errors are only half the picture and all I can tell from them is that the virtual functions are messed up. If you can either post your header/source file to one of those paste sites or just email them to me and I'll (hopefully) be able to work out what went wrong from there. Oh and thanks for using this discussion system… I do believe you are the first to put it to use!

EDIT: To add some insight, vtable errors normally means that a vitual function is missing. In this case the State's virtual destructor was only declared but not implemented.

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