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PandoraPanic! Development Guide

Getting Started

On Linux

This is my experience with Linux. The setup may not be helpful to anybody else. –tef


  • In your working directory, run:
  • Run codeblocks, opening an existing project, which is the .cbp file in the PandoraPanic directory you just created
  • Accept changing all the files to build with GNU GCC1)
  • In the toolbar at top, change your “Build Target” to “Lin Release”
  • If you're starting from scratch, you're ready to go to it! I started out by playing with the SpaceInvaders game to see how things worked, eventually changing pretty much all of it but appreciating the framework it provided. Thanks, pstudio!

On Windows


  • First you need Code::Blocks with mingw, downloadable here
  • For path relevance i'm going to assume you installed in C:\Program Files\CodeBlocks. Just replace with your directories if you chose to install somewhere else
  • Next you need the SDL headers and libs, extract this file into c:\Program Files\CodeBlocks\mingw (if folder does not exist, make it, I can't remember : )
  • Now download PandoraPanic framework and Penjin3D BaseCode (links at the top of the page - or via SVN) and extract them into a folder (programming for instance) but also in their own folders (PandoraPanic and Penjin, so D:\programming\PandoraPanic for instance)
  • Start Code::Blocks
  • Load PandoraPanic.cbp (located in programming\PandoraPanic)
  • If it asks to select a compiler, select: GNU GCC compiler
  • If will ask for some global paths, enter the following (only the base path is required):
  • MinGW - the path to your MinGW installation (the lib and include folder should be inside this folder)
  • Penjin - Path to the Penjin files
  • gp2x_sdk - In case you want to compile for the GP2x set this to the install dir of the SDK
  • libogc - Only needed for Wii compile, set it to whatever
  • pandora_sdk - In case you want to compile for the Pandora, set it to the folder with the ARM toolchains and libs
  • Select the W32 Release or Debug build and build it

If there are any errors or missing things in this windows guide, please let me know so i can make it more accurate. markoez [at] pirate-games [dot] co [dot] uk

Vista x64 fix:

  • Start Code::Blocks and load up PandoraPanic.cbp
  • Make the following changes to Project → Build Options → W32 Debug and W32 Release → Linker settings
  • Change “Program Files” to “Program Files (x86)”
  • The project should now build properly


Moving your source to a new framework

It seems to take about three steps:

  1. Move all your files into the new framework. For me these were:
    • My State.cpp file
    • My State.h file
    • My images/___ directory of pngs
  2. Add your new files to the project! Use pull down menu “Project → Add Files…”
  3. Edit the following files to include your game. Just look for where they deal with SpaceInvaders and add your game in, too.
    • MiniGames.h
    • MyGame.cpp
    • userStates.h


While developing, it's nice to have the framework run only your game! I achieved this in MiniGames.h by setting MAX_GAMES=1 and then placing my game first in the list.

Please press cancel or setup the Pandora compiler in Code::Blocks, especially if you have commiting access! This message only appears since you haven't setup the compiler for Pandora.
You could leave a comment if you were logged in.
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