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PandoraPanic! User Manual


Welcome to PandoraPanic, the frantic, frenetic and occasionally mind bending minigame collection created for Pandora by the GP32X community. From hack n' slash to catch and maths, be at the ready on all of Pandora's controls as the gameplay switches beneath your fingers at every turn. The rules are simple: Panic first, ask questions later.

Game modes


Minigames are dished out in random order, for maximum panic!


Need order in your life? In this mode, games are played in the same sequence every time. Or are they? (Yes actually, they are.)

Selection Box

Pong too short? Pang too hard? Feel like drenching the pickle again? Selection Box is what you seek. Pick a game, dial in the difficulty, and hone your skills.

The games


Destroy the bouncing spheres without getting hit! Use D-pad Left & Right to move, D-pad Up or A to fire.


Protect the kingdom from a pack of hellish monsters! Use the D-pad to move around, A to attack.


Catch the ball! Move side to side with the D-pad.


Kill the invading alien. You only get one shot! Move side to side with the D-pad, press A to fire.


It's like a spelling bee… but not! Type the word you're given using the QWERTY keys. Easy, right?


Like a Powerglove… so bad. Hold A to start swinging, and release it for the slam dunk!


Solve a series of simple maths problems against the clock, entering your answers on the Numeric Keys. Beware those double negatives!


Use the D-pad to match the arrows as they appear on the screen. Errors allowed: None, of course.


Using the D-pad, lay the smackdown on your opponent by matching the arrows as they appear on screen.


It's a sudden death pong match against the CPU. First point takes the title! Use the D-pad to direct your paddle up and down.


Three of a kind… come in spinner! Press A to lock each reel in when the silhouette matches the symbol.


Be ready on all buttons, and press them as they light up on screen! And don't forget to panic.


Fly your majestic bird at a wave of enemies, knocking them from the sky from above. Don't let them get the upper hand! Use the D-pad to move, A to flap upwards.


Using the D-pad to move and A to jump, reach the star on the right. Avoid the monsters, and the bottomless pit!


You've been cast into a cruel and unusual labyrinth filled with techno and ghosts. Using the D-pad, race the clock to sweet freedom!


Your aim is true, but your swing is a killer. All you have to do is… tap it in. Press A when the power meter is in the green zone!


Intercept the incoming shell before it terminates the turret! Use D-pad Left & Right to rotate, and A to fire.


How's your memory? Remember the colour sequence, then unscramble it! Use D-pad Left & Right to select a symbol, Up and Down to cycle through the colours.


Who parked this thing here? Using the D-pad, pilot the lander off the ground and across to the landing pad, before the fuel runs out!


Press A as the mug slides by, and beat the brute to the beer. Watch out for his right hook!


Which colour is displayed the most? Use the D-pad and A to pick the most populous! Press A at the beginning for colourblind (greyscale) mode.


A crazed pickle is bent on burning the place down, and you're the only fireman in the village! Use D-pad Left & Right to rotate the cannon, D-pad Up & Down to adjust the power, and A to fire the water cannon.


It's Mariela's birthday and somehow she's been shrunk to the size of a mouse! She still wants to blow out her candles but someone also keeps relighting them! Use the D-pad to move her around and A to blow the candles.


Shamelessly copied from Mortal Kombat, this game will not actually test your eye-sight, but your ability to follow fast moving objects. You will be shown the cup hiding a Pandora-Coin and after a few shuffles should be able to determine which one that now actually is.

High scores

So you've landed yourself in the leaderboards. Was it worth it? Or do you wish you'd taken the blue pill? Enter your three letter nick using D-pad Up & Down to select letters, and A to confirm. Separate high score tables are kept for PandoraPanic and Pandordered modes.


Game Engine

Penjin, by PokeParadox


GUI & concept art by Kagato
Birds & Platforms (PanJoust), Plander graphics, Arena graphics and BirthdayCake graphics by Dragons_Slayer
Robot (Jumper) by Niqk_Dude
BadVista by
TestYourSight by Cyrax


Main theme, Win music & Lose music by Pat Ferguson
Mojo (Credits) & Nervous (DistractedMaths) by Rooster
BadVista, SnatchABeer, PanicAttack & Jumper by Gruso
Birthday by Dragons_Slayer


Arena: Dragons_Slayer
BadVista: Todd
BallDrop: Zacaj, billykater
BirthdayCake: PokeParadox
DistractedMaths: MarkoeZ
DoubleNubTrouble: MarkoeZ
Fire: Pickle
Jumper: MarkoeZ
Maze: MarkoeZ
MemoryBlocks: B-ZaR
OneButtonBandit: Miggles
Pang: Rockthesmurf PanicAttack: Todd
PanJoust: MarkoeZ
Plander: PokeParadox
Pong: Miggles
PunchWrestler: trabitboy
PuttPutt: DasFool
Reflex: oclbdk
Rotating Turret: B-ZaR
SnatchABeer: foxblock
SpaceInvaders: pstudio
SpellingContest: pstudio
TestYourSight: foxblock
TheCountJob: foxblock

Special Thanks

The GP32X community, for all their contributions
Ben Monk, for getting the ball rolling
Pickle, for debugging on his dev board
Chip, for the forum posts
SDL, for easier cross-platform support
OpenPandora Ltd, for creating the world's bitchingest handheld, the Pandora.

For latest releases and development info visit
Visit the Pandora community at
PandoraPanic! is licensed under GPLv2.0 (
Penjin is licensed under LGPLv3.0 (
Yarrggghh (

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