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Fly the bird! The PandoraPanic! minigame it has eveolved from, is inspired by Joust on the Atari ST. But this is something completely different, with original graphics and music, horizontal scrolling levels, loads of enemies, kill/collect/time based levels, New Game!!

Still in beta, but a proper playable demo has been made from a recent code snapshot.

Main Development:

  • Main game development by me, MarkoeZ
  • Penjin Engine/Framework by PokeParadox (also my coding lifeline in difficult times)


  • All Music: Nick May
  • Sounds: mrTlikesRobots


  • Dragons_Slayer: Birdriders, basic platforms and eggs
  • Amigo Bandito Cruijente: backgrounds, menu's and loads of other stuff
  • Monk: Dragons n wasps

Links to everything will be at the bottom and all other information can be obtained by contacting me: m dot uitterdijk at gmail dot com

Blah, legal note: Panjoust, the basic game and gameplay, should stay unchanged and unreleased by anyone but me, MarkoeZ, or one of the Pirate Games team members for now. All graphics are owned by their original creators and only to be used with the official Panjoust game. Contact me or the creator if you would like to use something, or them directly if you like their style and like to hire them :) Penjin has it's own licensing.




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