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PirateBaby is an open-source, multi-platform, virtual pet game in which you can feed, wash and care your baby to let it grow to different forms!




Gameplay Video


PirateBaby is controlled using a touch/mouse interface, touch the top of the screen to open the panel. More actions will become available which are triggered by events.

An alternative control scheme is provided for non-touch devices(and for convenience).

L/R Buttons - Switch the selected panel item. B - Close panel. A - Activate selected button in panel.

Other Notes

PirateBaby is using PenjinTwo and with this adds some experimental new features.

  • PenjinPrescale: you can change the resolution of the project in the settings.ini file. This will scale the graphics and positioning.
  • Localisation: You can change the language in settings.ini and Penjin will create a new language file. You can edit text here to translate the game.


  • Code - PokeParadox
  • GFX - Dragons_Slayer
  • PenjinTwo - PokeParadox


You can checkout PirateBaby from GoogleCode SVN repo:


If you like my work and want to send a donation you are welcome to do so. I'll even give thanks in the credits of a future release (Please let me know if you do not want this.) All projects uploaded to the Pandora repo will have my PayPal donation link, otherwise you can PayPal me at:

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