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 +====== PandoraPanic! Release01-bugfix3 Released! ======
 +[[homebrew:​games:​pandorapanic|PandoraPanic!]] has been updated in a "​bugfix3"​ release to address a couple of issues that became apparent as more people received their Pandoras...Namely:​
 +  * Unable to type on the name entry screen.
 +  * Last name not remembered on the name entry screen.
 +  * Rectangles not being displayed for the achievements.
 +These things and possibly some others have been addressed. You can grab the PND from the [[homebrew:​games:​pandorapanic|wiki page]]
 +{{tag>​PandoraPanic! PandoraPanic games PokeParadox GP32X OpenPandora Pandora}}
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