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Kevin Winfield-Pantoja's Portfolio

Here you will find a portfolio of some notable projects I have worked on. alongside what I have learnt from their development.

For a full list of all projects, click here.

You may also view my Masterbranch developer profile here

Additionally all releases I have made for the OpenPandora system can be viewed here.


My game engine(C++,SDL/GL) which is in constant development since around 2006 and stands as a symbol of the importance I place in reusable code. Latest PenjinBase source - More info - Projects using Penjin


Game engine rewritten from the ground up (C++,SDL/GL) and designed to make better use of Object Oriented Programming. Code is better structured and is in active development. - More info - Projects using PenjinTwo


I wrote the initial framework using Penjin and demonstrated usage to encourage many coders from all skill levels to develop their own mini-games for the project. Mini-game developers only had to set their win/lose conditions and then return to the framework, since I provided game progression logic and scoring. Penjin also offered an easy to use toolkit for Sprite objects and sound playback. Additionally I gave live assistance, for Penjin and C++, via instant messaging, to lower-skilled developers to help them get their first mini-games up and running. More Info - Download - Video


CromoZome is the game that made Penjin more like what it is today. It was created within a tight deadline for the GBAX 2007 coding compo. I did most of the place-holder graphics work, coded menu and scoring systems and created Penjin's state-handling at this time. After the competition I've continued to develop Penjin and CromoZome using quad-trees and other optimisations to reduce the number of collision checks. I planned out the original A.I. of the CromoZomes, although Thomas Grant implemented the original versions. I have since then rewritten and improved said code. More Info - Download

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