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My Projects

Below is a list of all projects that I have worked on.


ASCII PongClassic Pong clone, rendered in ASCII characters.
AtroxA Space Game, team effort from university.
Beat2XPort of Miq01's StepMania-style rhythm game.
Car CrashMy 1st ever game really. 2 Player game where you have to crash cars into each other.
ColleXRealtime 3D GFX project. Collect the shiny thing mutiple times before the time runs out, and dodge the rabbits.
CromoZomeGame created for GBAX Coding Compo 2007, Formerly called Life
J Pong XPong again, but programmed in Java this time. The X makes it better.
PandoraPanic!Community mini-game project for Pandora.
PirateBabyA Virtual Pet type toy.
SpoutPort of the simple abstract shooter.
ThrusterPort of the fast-paced cave flyer.


CDEUCstr DSP Extraction Utility, a program which rips the dsp music from the big file in R: Racing for the Game Cube.
Ecube Save FixThis is really the first useful program I have written from scratch, it save fixes homebrew GBA ROMs so that they will save correctly on the Ecube flash cartridge.
PokeloConverts LRC files to a format compatible with StepMania or Dance With Intensity.
COMI SAN BUN Compression ToolCompresses the resources of “The Secret of Monkey Island 3, The Curse of Monkey Island”, compatible with SCUMMVM
Full Throttle SAN Compression ToolCompresses the resources of “Full Throttle” for use with SCUMMVM.
SoundBoxA Programmable sound effects “key chain” application. Uses a simple scripting system
The Dig SAN BUN Compression ToolCompresses the resources of “The Dig” for use with SCUMMVM.
Win2LinTool to convert windows plain text to linux plain text.


PKAGEAdventure Game Engine. Many aspects migrated to Penjin
Penjin2D game engine framework based around SDL.
Penjin3D3D game engine framework based around openGL. An Extension from Penjin
PenjinTwoRewrite of Penjin from the ground up.
PenDroidAndroid implementation of PenjinTwo


Poké1stGBADemoSimple demo made when trying to figure out how to do take input on GBA, how to manipulate sprites..
PokeGBA Colours Demo1Simply updates the screen with coloured bars.
PokeGBA Colours Demo2 A Tweaking of PokeGBA Colours Demo1 with smoother colour transitions.
PokeTextTest-Tia Violeta Birthday present for my Aunty.
SaveTestSRM save testing
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