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Please feel free to register for a Wiki account and begin creating documentation for your homebrew projects.

It is intended to make use of the Wiki in the following ways:

  1. To create pages to host your homebrew projects.
  2. To create tutorial information on coding.
  3. To create your own user page.
  4. To allow you to keep a devblog of your progress

:!: You may view our privacy policy here.

Enjoy yourself, PokeParadox.



Seems something is broken - I'm aware about it and I'm looking into it! :-\ :!: UPDATE I updated the offending plugin and things are back to normal. Sorry for the inconvenience!

2014/01/09 19:31 · 0 Comments

More Dirty Spammers

Guys, please be careful as you navigate around Project Infinity as we have been the target of a large scale spam attack. I have managed to bulk clear a lot of pages but there still some that I'll have to work through manually. (As it is a Wiki anyone can clear the pages actually.)

I'll also have to delete the spam users that were somehow created… If you find that I accidentally delete your account - please just create it again as it's not always obvious that a spammer account is a spammer account.

Also I have updated Spam prevention and updated the wiki to the latest version, so maybe this helps.

2013/08/19 22:27 · pokeparadox · 0 Comments

New Start!

Hi there and welcome to Project Infinity. After looking into things after the old site got hacked1), it turns out that DokuWiki can do pretty much everything I want Project Infinity to do as a site in the one place! Of course this is with the help of a couple of plugins.

So here we are, this is Project Infinity. I hope to at least get my own projects updated with files hosted by the Wiki's media manager. I hope that you will also find this site useful if you wish to host your homebrew project!

Download Counter

I've had a couple of complaints that there was no way to track how many downloads a file here on PI. I did a quick search and there was a nifty plugin to add download counts. The only problem is that all downloads start at 0 now. But enjoy the new functionality.

PandoraPanic! Release01-bugfix3 Released!

PandoraPanic! has been updated in a “bugfix3” release to address a couple of issues that became apparent as more people received their Pandoras…Namely:

  • Unable to type on the name entry screen.
  • Last name not remembered on the name entry screen.
  • Rectangles not being displayed for the achievements.

These things and possibly some others have been addressed. You can grab the PND from the wiki page

or whatever happened…
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