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Please feel free to register for a Wiki account and begin creating documentation for your homebrew projects.

It is intended to make use of the Wiki in the following ways:

  1. To create pages to host your homebrew projects.
  2. To create tutorial information on coding.
  3. To create your own user page.
  4. To allow you to keep a devblog of your progress

:!: You may view our privacy policy here.

Enjoy yourself, PokeParadox.


Oh Dear!

We are experiencing technical difficulties… please have patience!

:!: It seems “nice urls” are broken with the recent update of DokuWiki… at least for me. I have disabled them and you can use the site now, but any external linking from other sites will most probably be invalid. I think I will just leave them disabled.

2010/03/08 14:09 · 0 Comments

A Few Hiccups...

Apologies if you have been trying to use the site in any capacity. My host upgraded their servers and somehow files on the wiki were chown'd to the server and not the user… What this meant is that no one could edit anything! This should be fixed now, but if you find any remaining errors, let me know which page and I'll try and resolve the problems.

2008/11/29 07:19 · 0 Comments
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